25 January 2007

I Haven't Been Reading?!

I was always confused when people said they "just didn't have the time to read" -- until this week when I became one of them.

It's true, friends. In the past week since I finished my temporary assignment, I have been busier than I thought possible. I've been getting a lot of things done -- but reading hasn't been one of them, mostly. The only time I've been reading is on the bus (and bus, and subway) back and forth between Current Apartment and New Apartment, and still, that isn't that much.

I am woefully behind on my reading blogs. I still haven't written up my third From the Stacks read which I finished in December, and I still have two books left to read (by, um, next Wednesday?) Any time I have I've been squeezing into reviews, and I'm still behind on those. I just got a letter from the library reading "Why haven't you come to see us lately? We miss you!" Actually, it was to let me know that I have a book that's two weeks overdue, but same thing, right?

Anyway, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. I am updating the sidebar as we speak, and posting should I hope be back to normal next week, when I get into New Apartment (although moving will probably continue forever).


Carl V. said...

Not having time to read...and I've had those weeks/months as well...means that things are just waaay too busy. Doesn't always mean one can do anything about it though except for hope that it passes quickly. That is my hope for you!

acquisitionist said...

It's ok, I had a temporary lapse myself recently. I hope the move went well and the reading has picked up again.