01 May 2013

Unbookening: Great Unhousening of 2013 edition

(That's what I'm calling it; let's just go with it.)

Checked 3 books out from the library
Picked 1 off a stoop (wasn't thinking clearly) (not like that)
Bought 2 in a blind panic at O'Hare for fear I would run out of reading material (was fine) and 1 book club book
Received 3 to review
Got 1 from a blogmigo (thanks, Pete!)
11 in

Returned 4 to library
Donated 22
26 out

Moving is terrible and I recommend that you NEVER do it. I was culling pretty well, but at some point I just broke down and started shoving books into "Misc." boxes (also known as the "Why don't I just set everything on fire and start over?" stage of moving). Bye Park Slope, it's been fun!

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