17 May 2013

Come and show me another city with lifted head singing

Big news! I'm moving to Chicago next month. 

I will miss New York and many in it, plus all my old reading haunts and bookstore halls o' temptation, but look forward to finding new ones along the Third Coast. I hope to see many of you here in NYC before I go. If you are reading this blog in Chicago, want to be friends?

I'm also looking for a job in Chicago -- if you can help please be in touch: lnvsml at gmail dot com.

Here's my future Mayor Rahm Emanuel reading DUCK FOR PRESIDENT. Emanuel is reportedly a big booster of Chicago literacy efforts, so I suppose I'll be seeing him soon. (People who skipped this post because of its non-sequiturial photo are going to be very confused in about 3 weeks.)

Photo: Talk Radio News Service


Marjorie said...

Oh gosh! Congrats and good luck with the move!

One of my university's faculty moved to Chicago last year and has written a book about her experiences living there and in Minneapolis, called Body Geographic. I recommend it.

My college classmate Amy also blogs about living and reading in Chicago, should that be of interest.

Ellen said...

Thank you. And I love your classmate's list of Chicago related books -- been looking for something like that.

jess s said...

wow, big changes! good luck with your move. i supposed you're doing serious unbookening or spending a fortune on shipping your books media mail?

Ellen said...

I'll be doing a little media mailing, but most of them went into storage (I have about 2 pieces of furniture worth keeping, so just considered the books my furniture). I probably will wish I had unbookened more when I find an apartment, but that is still some time away!

P said...

Oh my gosh! Good luck with everything, and especially with the job situation! NYC will miss you but at least we have your blog.

8yearoldsdude said...

Very exciting! I am in chicago from time to time; my older brother, 11yearoldsdude, lives there. He used to work in children's publishing, but I don't know that he has killer contacts. But I can put you in touch if it helps.

Ellen said...

P - thank you. I promise to always defend NYC and not forget I used to live here.

8 - whatever help he can give, even if it's just explaining which neighborhoods are where, I would greatly appreciate. I don't work in publishing now and I'm open to other avenues.