28 May 2013

Drinking like Shakespeare

Today I tried this new-to-me beer, Rogue's Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout. As far as stouts go I found it to be somewhat light, which wasn't a bad thing, but with definite notes of chocolate and a fairly even texture. I'd pair it with a hearty meal and a 40-degree-and-raining day (coincidentally, the exact weather we've been having here lately).

According to Beerconnoisseur.com, Shakespeare probably wasn't much of a beer drinker because of his country roots that led him to prefer ale, much as a displaced Wisconsinite can guiltily profess a nostalgic taste for Miller High Life. But that didn't stop brewers in his hometown from using him as a trademark years later, hoping to cash in on his reputation. The trademark went dormant for several decades but was recently revived as Flowers Original Strong Ale (Flowers being the family name of the brewers), with a picture of Shakespeare on the label. Compare with the above and see which you like best.

Rogue is brewed in Ashland, Oregon and previously appeared here for its White Whale Ale, a MOBY DICK creation (of course), in partnership with Powell's Books. They also sell a homebrewing kit if you're into that (and bless you if you are).

Photo: Alltravis.net

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