20 May 2013

What does your travel reading (possibly) (probably not) say about you?

A special correspondent sent in this piece from the Chicago Reader casting shade on a survey showing what people who are open to hooking up with their airplane passengers bring to read on planes. It's like a secret code: Flash your movie tie-in novel and make a connection! Well, maybe.

I really wouldn't qualify to be part of this survey population nor interpret its results (not that that's going to stop me) because, even if I weren't attached, I would never agree to go on vacation with a stranger. And really apart from a passing "Huh, cute guy" I don't get hung up evaluating my fellow passengers by their hotness or lack thereof. I think transit is a terrible place to hook up with people, because I am very busy eating snacks and catching up on my reading. Very very busy.

But I can acknowledge that people want to, and hey, if you're unattached and not actually hooking up in the seat next to me, why not? That said if people are looking for other people to hook up with, you should probably approach people who are looking around, alert and not reading. If you see them reading, they could actually just want to read. If they seem to be checking out the situation, it's more likely that they are on the same page as you re. wanting to meet people! Easy peasy. (My related theory is that movie tie-in people are most likely to hook up because they feel an obligation to get through that book, but aren't enjoying it so welcome any interruption.)

 I know a particular single lady who will be amused that GAME OF THRONES is on there representing sci-fi/fantasy, though, since she is hacking through that series this year. Unless you're next to her, though, you might not be able to tell her e-reader is pointed in that direction. (Do e-books completely ruin this type of people-browsing or just make it slightly more difficult? Discuss.)

The people I really want someone to study are those who don't bring any reading material on planes. Are you not aware that life is fleeting?!

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Elizabeth said...

I have thought the same thing about people who don't bring reading material (or other non-electronic entertainment, such as a notebook and pen) on planes.

I have also wondered about people who don't bring entertainment for their children (I have lost count of the times I've torn a page out of my notebook and handed a pen to the small child sitting next to me and asked them if they'd like to draw a picture), but I'll allow that it's probably hectic enough to plan a trip for a small child that perhaps you might forget to bring the onboard entertainment, even though you meant to. The guy I sat next to whose actual plan for his four-year-old daughter was to rely on a portable DVD player was just an idiot, though.