26 April 2013

Filmbook-to-be: Buying the GATSBY movie tie-in edition makes you look stupid

The tie-in edition is likely to appeal to "the new reader," said Nan Graham, the publisher of Scribner.

"The repeat reader is going to buy the classic cover," she said in an interview. "A person who is more likely to buy the movie tie-in is reading it for the first time. In Walmart, this is the book you're going to see."

So much shade being thrown in the New York Times today about the new Leonardo DiCaprio GATSBY cover. True reading confession: I have to buy a new copy of GATSBY because I cannot stomach reading my high-school-era annotations in my current copy, and I wouldn't definitively rule out buying the movie edition. (The original illustration is so striking though.)

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8yearoldsdude said...

I admit to rereading Gatsby because of the movie. It has been like a big, city-wide book club, but for an actually good book. I missed a lot as a high schooler. But I did not buy a movie tie-in version.