12 April 2013

GIF Reaction Friday: Rob Sheffield On Karaoke Edition

I have been an unreasonable champion of Sheffield's first two memoirs, LOVE IS A MIX TAPE and TALKING TO GIRLS ABOUT DURAN DURAN. His third, TURN AROUND BRIGHT EYES, will be out in August, at which time it will Jell-O wrestle Chuck Klosterman's new book (also due out this summer) for the title of Most Likely To Be Tucked Under A Hipster's Arm On The Way From The Beach To The Bar. (That fight will be emceed by our pal Nathan Rabin's new book YOU DON'T KNOW ME BUT YOU DON'T LIKE ME, mandatory reading out June 11.)

This seems like an appropriate time to initiate the Summer 2013 tab. It's hard to be sad when something so exciting is at hand.

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