05 April 2013

GIF Reaction Friday: "Arrested Development" Returns May 26 Tribute Edition

The cumulative effects of this week including family in town, a surprise trip and a band of widely variable weather:

Here are some great things to check out across the Internets:
  • Regular Commenter D.H. Sayer describes how a chance encounter with an unfamiliar name in a David Foster Wallace profile led him to discover the author Carol De Chellis Hill. A great example of the serendipity reading can provide. 
  • My sometimes hometown haunt Boswell Book Company gets a splashy profile in Milwaukee Magazine for having the gumption to survive and thrive in this digital age (via The Billfold). But I still find its story partly tragic in that it was born out of the demise of a four-location indie chain (Harry W. Schwartz) and thus will always be a little bittersweet. Guess I'd better make my visits more frequent.  
  • A new imprint based here in Brooklyn will reissue old YA books from the 1930s to the 1970s and bring them back into print. The name behind Lizzie Skurnick Books should be familiar to some of you; her column Fine Lines on Jezebel.com revisiting the young-adult books of her past led to a collection of essays on the same topic, titled SHELF DISCOVERY. Congratulations! 
  • The great Margaret Atwood reads a story by Mavis Gallant in this month's New Yorker fiction podcast. Will the edition of Gallant's diaries about being a struggling writer in Europe be out this year? A woman can dream!
  • New York note: McNally Jackson and Housing Works are hosting a downtown literary festival next weekend, including lectures, walking tours and after-parties. Better yet, it's free and you don't have to camp in a field to be there!

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