03 April 2013

March Unbookening

I like this chart better than yesterday's...

Checked out from the library: 4 books
Received to review: 6
Received as gifts: 5
Bought: 2 (Meg Whitman's THE POWER OF MANY, for a book club, and BROTHERS EMANUEL, because I'm a huge fan)
17 in

Donated 18 books
Returned 6 to the library
24 out

This would be laudable except that I'm giving up my lease and have to move out of my apartment in less than a month. Those books are not going to box themselves up! I would bet money (if I had any that wasn't going to that enterprise) that I have more books than my three roommates combined.

To stave off panic, I am envisioning my life in this process as an umbrella, that retains its structural identity and its usefulness even when you close it up. And eating lots of Kraft mac'n'cheese, because you can't take it with you.

Image source: exp.lore.com

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