14 March 2013

Google Reader, we miss you already


From "Hitler finds out Google Reader is shutting down" -- full video below.

Feels like only yesterday I wrapped all my RSS feeds in bubble wrap after Bloglines, itself kind of a miracle product for high-volume blog readers (ahem), shut down in 2010. To elaborate on ol' Adolf's point above, there is no way I could keep up with the blogs I want to read by following their Twitter or Facebook feeds. Facebook's algorithm, constantly shifting, often causes me to miss updates from blogs (and people) I care about, and the Twitter firehose could occupy my whole day chasing links. But to be honest, there are other RSS readers out there; it's not The End, just a change I don't want to make.

Well, anyway, for those of you who still read this through Google Reader and don't bookmark things, you can read my blog through Goodreads if you are a member there. It doesn't always like my formatting, and sometimes it truncates posts for reasons I don't understand, but if you're already stopping by there that could consolidate your web visitation. Do you want to be emailed posts? I could set up a widget for that. (Is email also over? OH NOOOO)

But seriously, I would have paid for Google Reader, that's how often I used it. I wish I had been given that option. Can we get a Kickstarter going for this? Send up the white smoke if you're in! (Oh look, she did some topical jokes today.)



jess said...

I wish they would at least let it go open-source and let the people have it. I am so depressed about google reader. I hate those poseurs who are like "Oh no! I go to google reader every day!" Fuck you, man. I go to google reader about 300 times a day.

I am so depressed. None of the alternative RSS readers appeal to me as much. My feeds have been so carefully and lovingly cultivated and sorted. Social media is like blog-reading for amateurs. I am so mad!

jess said...

I just watched that video and I have never felt like I relate to Hitler so much as I do right now. It is more than a daily habit! It is an extension of myself!


umzug said...
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Ellen said...

Jess, I am glad that you understand my suffering.

Another thing Google could have done to save it that I would have tolerated was show some of its own ads in there. Not sure where I found it but this post argues that seeing ads is better for the individual blogs, and it made no sense for Google to be supporting something they couldn't monetize. But they could have at least tried. Oh, I am distressed.