21 March 2013

Jay Leno, jobless?

In 2010 I reviewed THE WAR FOR LATE NIGHT, New York Times reporter Bill Carter's account of the Leno vs. Conan dust-up of the early '00s. The book is extremely unflattering toward Jay Leno, even more so than the coverage of the actual incident had been. Carter may have struck gold again with his scoop today that NBC is trying to get Jay to walk and install Jimmy Fallon in his chair.

I don't watch either man's show regularly, so my primary concern is that the Roots will still be gainfully employed, but -- oh look, Carter suggests they are one reason a Fallon "Tonight Show" would move back to New York City. I assume this will all be covered in Carter's theoretical third book in his late-night TV series (his first, LATE SHIFT, was published in 1994).

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