27 March 2013

Amanda Knox: On second thought, let's not go to Italy

Who else just got more interested in Amanda Knox's forthcoming memoir WAITING TO BE HEARD with this week's news that she will be re-tried for murder in Italy? The Hollywood Reporter has an interview with Bob Barnett, who represented Knox in negotiating her memoir deal (and also represents Sarah Palin, yeesh). Naturally, he promises a bunch of bombshells in the as yet embargoed memoir.

The American media has framed this case as every study-abroad student's worst nightmare (quite effectively for me). If you are similarly obsessed, I recommend Douglas Preston and Mario Spezi's true-crime book THE MONSTER OF FLORENCE, about an unsolved string of murders in Tuscany. Spezi was a local journalist covering the case, and at one point prosecutor Giuliano Mignini actually arrested and attempted to try him on suspicion of being an accomplice to the murders. Mignini is also the prosecutor in the Amanda Knox case and is believed to be the one who introduced the idea that Knox and her Italian boyfriend (Raffaele Sollecito) killed British student Meredith Kercher for failing to participate in some kind of orgy-themed ritual. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Knox's home paper, has more on THE MONSTER OF FLORENCE and the Knox case.

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brmull said...

Two U.S. journalists, Barbie Nadeau and Andrea Vogt, listened to the wiretaps of Preston and Spezi's conversations and agreed that they appeared to have been plotting to plant evidence in support of their theory of the MoF murder. I myself have been targeted in their latest book for being overly critical of Amanda Knox and some of her supporters. That's the kind of people they are. You should take a closer look at the prosecutions case because it really is very strong. Candace Dempsey is a longstanding and vocal Knox supporter who collaborated with the now- descredited blogger Frank Sfarzo on her book. It's not a terrible book, but nothing in it should be trusted. I recommend John Follain's book as being by far the most accurate and objective on the case.