29 January 2013

"My laptop battery died after 3 hours...American does not have electrical outlets in Economy Class. And it does not have WiFi. And it does not have personal video screens, either. And I don't carry printed reading material anymore. So that left 5 hours with little to do but look out the window and try to sleep." 
--Imagine the suffering of poor Henry Blodget, First-Class Whiner, after he had to -- I can barely write the words -- fly in coach. Oh, the agony! He had nothing to do! A grown man unable to entertain himself even though he could have been prepared!

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Marjorie said...

This guy could have spent five minutes online and found out about everything that surprised him on this flight. Yep, they serve food on international flights! Even in economy! Those plastic-wrapped blankets have been around for as long as I've been traveling by air; it's really not a recent development. As for power outlets--some airplanes do have them, but it's really unwise to depend on them for nine hours' worth of entertainment, as it's basically impossible for a plane to provide reliable power to all its passengers for an entire flight.