14 January 2013

Nobody trolls it better than the English

This book came up in a library search for one of the referenced works... okay, it was THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO, which I've never actually read cover to cover. (Dinesh D'Souza: "But I thought you went to liberal arts college! KABOOM!") I am impressed by the ballsiness of this title, and really this concept (though none of these authors are going to be stopping by to give the author a piece of their minds). I guess the analogy to its title would be a restaurant review called "Great Meals That Made Me Sick To My Stomach Afterward"?

This is a great example of how academic publishing (Princeton U. Press in this case) doesn't have to be boring or use colons on its titles.

The author, a senior research fellow (?) at Cambridge, is a 3rd viscount of Doxford (not a typo, it's in Northumberland), his father's name was Leslie and previously their family were barons. And this is a picture of him, also known as my face when coworkers schedule 8:30am meetings and then don't start them on time:

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