25 January 2013

Mystery solved

I finally figured out why no one on the subway ever talks to me about books. It's because I always have my headphones jammed in my ears, even when I'm not listening to anything, so people leave me alone. I figured this out when my iPod died earlier this week (don't worry, it recovered, just static) and a guy stopped me on the subway to tell me he loved the book I was reading. (Barbara Kingsolver's FLIGHT BEHAVIOR - possibly the only book my entire book club liked, so you probably will too.) Mea culpa, my neighbors! I will try to be more open to your casual conversations! Except when I'm rushing or tired or cranky or etc.

1 comment:

jess said...

Wow, I've heard quite the opposite about Flight Behavior. I had written it off but maybe I'll reconsider.

it's amazing what making yourself available can do for your social interactions.