21 January 2013

One-Star Revue: Zadie Smith, NW

Normally when reading these dreadfuls I try to steer clear of books I personally liked a lot, for fear I will fly into a rage tip my hand more than usual at my own preferences. Still, in honor of killing my darlings (and out of respect to those of you whose favorite books have already been slaughtered) I submit Zadie Smith's fourth novel. And to be honest, I could see where their critiques were coming from, except for one of these which is just bizarre:

  • "I've gotta say this- its hard top be pretentious and boring at the same time."
  • "What was the real issue here? Maybe good to discuss this one in a Book Club."
  • "I know the 'new' form for her is this disjointed writing but while I 'got' it-- i didn't enjoy reading it-- it was hard to get through those parts and it was just so ANNOYING."
  • "I should have known when a reviewer said it was 'Joycean'..."
  • "I thought it would show the flavor of NW instead it was about a bunch of sorry people I cared nothing about."
  • "Ms Smith seems to be burdened by having to carry the weight of having street credibility."

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