28 December 2012

Vacation notes

  • Filmbook extra: My mom and I watched "Pitch Perfect" (the 2012 feature film starring Anna Kendrick) and she reports that it is not at all like the nonfiction book it's based on by Mickey Rapkin. In particular, "that book didn't have a romantic subplot or focus on one person." You read it here first.
  • This won't really count, but in the process of cleaning out some of my old stuff I was able to part with about 50 books from my old childhood bedroom. A lot of them weren't even that hard to part with, which indicates that I still own too many. But it made getting rid of old clothes feel really easy.
  • (They're all bound for the Half Price Books in Northridge, in case you are local. Fire away!)
  • The upside to cleaning out that room was that I found my parents' copy of Pauline Kael's FOR KEEPS, which is out of print. I thought I would just have to make myself scarce for the week in order to get through it, but then I decided to stick to Brian Kellow's biography PAULINE KAEL: A LIGHT IN THE DARK instead. 
  • I got a lot of books for Christmas, but most hilariously, not one but 2 copies of FEMINIST RYAN GOSLING. My people who know me, really know me.

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