19 December 2012

Nothing but net

I'm about to go out of town, so today I returned all the library books I had out. 

Usually at this time of year I just throw up my hands and try to renew everything into the new year, or suck it up and pay fines. I remember one December I tried to return the rest of my books, only to discover a snowstorm had shut the library and I couldn't even get to a book drop in time. I believe I was schlepping them to the main branch in Manhattan to do so. All I remember is ducking into a Bank of America vestibule with my tote bags to warm up. No semester's end in college was complete without a similar trip. Everything Must Go!

I'm not positive, but I believe the last time I was library book-less happened was in early 2007 just before I moved to New York, but after I made a similar slate-cleaning at my old library in Pennsylvania. (I sort of miss that place!) Truly, a triumph of organization and disciplined errand-doing! Now, how am I going to wrangle all these book donations in by tomorrow? 

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