10 December 2012

On small good fortune

As someone who knows a few of the people affected, I find it amazing how much attention the Random House bonuses-for-everyone announcement is getting. This is in New York, where we have bankers! Bankers who would probably cry if they opened up a $5000 check at Christmas!

I think everyone's getting worked up about it because the announcement was so public. We know bankers get obscene bonuses, but we don't always find out how obscene. For all we know, Random House has been giving out comparable amounts all along -- we just didn't know about it. (Far more awkward it is when your company makes a big show of canceling its holiday party, in some kind of weird recession concession. It happened to me! I was laid off about 3 months later.)

I feel sorriest for the person I know who left RH earlier this year and now has to endure the gloating of her ex-coworkers, but she is much happier overall. It is useful for us to all take her example and be less Scroogey about it. Also, imagine all the FIFTY SHADES jokes those people have endured. Maybe they should have called it hazard pay.

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