06 August 2012

Warner Brothers has moved "The Great Gatsby" to summer 2013, for who cares what reason this is terrible.


Marjorie said...

The dissatisfaction is compounded by the last sentence of that post: "It used to be virtually taboo for a Hollywood studio to push back the release date of a high-profile title, but more and more, studios are doing just that for a variety of reasons." Thanks, friendly writer, for providing zero of those reasons. What a weird piece of news this is.

Ellen said...

Yeah, it really fills you with confidence when the paper needs to be the first to report it more than they need to provide any information.

My guesses: Either the studio wasn't happy with where Luhrmann was at this point, or the director himself requested more time. Here are a few other potential reasons based on a Deadline.com search for "pushed back":

- Need to save money ("Ninja Turtles")
- Needed to write a dead character back in because the actor who played him has become extremely popular ("G.I. Joe 2")
- Director and star aren't talking ("World War Z")
- More like a summer movie anyway ("Superman")
- Adding 3-D (also "G.I. Joe 2")
- Proximity to holidays when Americans go to the movies ("Mission: Impossible 4")
- Bad weather wherever they were filming ("Wolverine II")

There's only one conclusion to be drawn from all this: Jay Gatsby is a superhero.