20 August 2012

2 Truths and a Lie: Christopher Plummer "Sound of Music" edition

1. During shooting in Austria, Christopher Plummer gained a reputation for spotting beers for the whole crew but complained that the atmosphere on set was not conducive to fun because there were too many children around.
2. On a break from set, Plummer had himself fitted for traditional Austrian suits and ate so much he had to get all his costumes let out when he got back to shoot.
3. During interior shooting in Los Angeles, director Robert Wise had to shoot  Plummer and costar Julie Andrews in silhouette for the musical number "Something Good" because they were giggling too hard to keep going.

(All gleaned from Christopher Plummer's memoir IN SPITE OF MYSELF at the point where, unable to get past his early years, I skipped ahead in the index-less book to what I consider the good stuff and what he would consider an episode to be looked on fondly in the present despite how he felt about it at the time.)

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