24 August 2012

Reading on the Road: If I could escape, I would but first of all let me say

As you read this I'm packing myself on a bus to Washington D.C. for a few days. There will be many more weekend trips after this, but there won't be any more this summer.

I'm taking two much anticipated fall reads, Emma Straub's LAURA LAMONT'S LIFE IN PICTURES and Martin Amis' LIONEL ASBO STATE OF ENGLAND. (That latter title... such cojones.) And I'm bringing a paperback of Charity Shumway's TEN GIRLS TO WATCH that the good people at Atria sent me. I had seen the author's name around and was trying to figure out why it looked familiar -- turns out we were classmates in a summer course a few years ago. So, that's cool!

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Wade Garrett said...

Those sound like great choices -- I am particularly looking forward to Laura Lamont's Life in Pictures (and to buying it from the author herself).