27 August 2012

Some "Don'ts" for authors on social media

1. Don't complain about how your book only went to #2 on the New York Times best-seller list, and the crushing disappointment of not being #1. (Comparing yourself to the Buffalo Bills is, I guess, still kosher.)
2. Don't send your husband or assistant to comment on negative reviews about your work...
3. ...especially if they are going to call out negative reviewers by saying things like "Psycho alert" and "You are just plain wrong."
4. Don't argue that every negative review of your book is a personal attack.
5. Don't link to negative reviews on your fan page and ask your fans (or have your assistant ask them) to defend you.
6. Don't say "Well, she asked for it by posting a negative review in the first place" when a reviewer is harassed over said negative review.

Amazingly, Emily Giffin broke all those rules. Nice work! She even suggested the author of the original negative review remove her post after someone called her house to threaten her to delete it. Because clearly, that's not an outsize reaction or anything.

(I have never read any of Giffin's books, so I can't comment on her oeuvre. And frankly, in this case? Doesn't matter. She could be Leo Freakin Tolstoy and this would still be absurd.)

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