08 August 2012

Rock Hudson FTW

Bret Easton Ellis' Twitter rant about why no openly gay or gay-acting
actor can play Christian Grey in the dreadfully inevitable 50 SHADES
screen adaptation is:

A. Homophobic
B. Ignorant
C. Hilariously presumptuous
D. Just the type of insane provocation which makes it hard not to
engage with because of its sheer wrongheadedness
E. Still less crazy than Ellis' top movies of the year so far a
F. Both A and B
G. Both D and E
H. All of the above
I. For the love! It's acting! That's what it means! (He did indicate
he understood this, with a "but..." indicating he completely missed
the point.)
J. Injurious to the openly gay actor Ellis held out as an example, who
got dragged into this because of some casting rumor or other (and
whose name I only omit because he did get dragged into it).
K. NOT injurious to that openly gay actor, because he may not even
want or be up for that part anyway, because there's nothing to hide
about him being out, and because of IMPERIAL BEDROOMS.
L. Seriously, it is 2012, are we really arguing about this?

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