20 February 2012

Troll move of the week

"Edith Wharton might well be more congenial to us now if, alongside her other advantages, she'd looked like Grace Kelly or Jacqueline Kennedy."

--Jonathan Franzen, who inexplicably needs to share his opinion in the New Yorker that Wharton was not very attractive even as he says he likes her! (If you don't find this ludicrous, just replace the names with "Ernest Hemingway," "Marlon Brando" and "James Dean" respectively.) If Franzen's forthcoming book of essays is all going to be like this, I better stock up on outrage sauce.

Kind of a sad day for Douglas Brinkley, the historian who had a shot of getting the troll move of the week for describing Jodi Kantor's book about the Obamas as "chick nonfiction" in the New York Times. Because only chicks like reading about the Obamas' marriage, and there's no reason to see that as say an important part of the President's life or anything. (Fetch the sauce!)

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