29 February 2012

The fictional characters must be protected

The New York Post reports that the hot new book among Upper East Side moms is the BDSM romance novel E.L. James' FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, the first in a trilogy about... well, I haven't read it, but I gather sexy sex, and also there is some sex in it. Moms be readin' about sex!

But they won't print excerpts from the book (that might actually help the writer, or at least give the rest of us something to talk about) because they're a "family newspaper." Maybe they weren't a family newspaper when they printed the photo of the woman accusing the police commissioner's son of rape on the front cover and read through her text messages to determine if she was slutty enough to discount her testimony. That was, what, three weeks ago? It's a new world.

(The Daily Mail has an excerpt with a bunch of "BLEEP"s in it. But romance megablog Smart Bitches Trashy Books gave it a DNF, calling the narrator irritating.)

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