25 February 2012

Seven of the 2011 "Best American" anthologies are on Kindle sale for $1.99 today. I made myself pick one and I picked... well, can you guess?

Also, these daily deals are going to ruin me.


Wade Garrett said...

Best essays?

I am debating essays, short stories and travel writing.

jess s said...

for the love of god, i hope you didn't buy the one edited by sloane crosley! the dave eggers one looks good EXCEPT it has a sloane crosley piece. i dislike her so much.

Ellen said...

Wade, you guessed it! And those three were probably my top 3 in contention as well.

Jess, I don't share your Crosley animosity (although I hear the stories) but I'm not sure how much input the author-editors actually have anyway. In general I have found the NONREQUIRED READING anthologies are the weakest, which kind of hurts the concept.

Wade Garrett said...

What stories? Is she supposed to be a bitch or something? When I saw her read at Book Court she seemed like a total sweetheart.