01 February 2011

Unbookening went on a magical journey

Checked out 4 books from the library
Got 8 to review
Received 1 as a gift
Bought 1 (THE BLIND ASSASSIN, for Wrapped Up in Books -- since the last time I read it, it was with a library copy)
14 in

Donated 26
Gave away 8
Returned 3 to library
37 out

Technically, my moving effort to get rid of as many books as possible paid off: I was able to slightly downsize my collection to fit into a slightly smaller shelf. (Not perfectly, though -- there are some stacks and outliers.) In doing so, though, I was able to reorganize everything with a nerdy, nerdy glee. How do you have your books organized? Or do you let the pages fall where they may?


Anonymous said...

I put my favorites together in one spot on the shelves! ~Jen

Elizabeth said...

I have really poorly assembled bookshelves, so I organize strictly by weight, for safety reasons: heaviest books on the bottom shelves (cookbooks, textbooks); thin paperbacks on the top shelves.

When I get a chance, I try to put books in the guest room that I think guests are more likely to be interested in, but mostly I just stick books wherever there's space (on a shelf of the appropriate height for the book's weight).

I'm very envious of my in-laws, who actually have their books organized like a library. Fiction is alphabetical by author's last name; non-fiction is by topic. It's so easy to find books at their house!

Marjorie said...

Most of my "normal books," which includes fiction and nonfiction and YA, are alphabetized by author. But there are a lot of outliers, since the picture books will only fit on an especially tall shelf, and there's a shelf of books I haven't read yet (though those mostly end up in scattered stacks around the apartment), and one of reference books & anthologies that don't alphabetize well, and one of books I need for class this semester.

Wade Garrett said...

I reorganize mine whenever the mood strikes, sort of like Rob Gordon with his records. A lot of my NYC-centric non-fiction is in my office; at home, it is broken down broadly into fiction and non-fiction, with little bunchings for, for example, hardcover literary fiction, "the McSweeney's writers," classics, suburban malaise fuction, horror/sic-fi/Gaiman, beach reading, sports, etc.

Ellen said...

Clearly we should all have show and tell. I think you all put more thought into this than I did.