07 February 2011

Refilling the overflowing coffers

It took me less than a week after I moved into my new place to start buying books again. You thought I was going to quit? Well... I sort of thought I would, too. Eyeing my newly organized bookshelf I thought, "I can't wait to read these and make a little room in here." Then I went out and bought another book anyway, because the A.V. Club book club calls.

The downside to cutting back on buying books is that, olde-timey as it sounds, I genuinely like book shopping. I went to a few different stores, looking for the book, and it was a relaxing errand (granted, I made the time for it to be). None of this is surprising but I guess I forget when the easiest method is to steer away from temptation entirely. Incidentally, the soon-to-be-announced next pick (a first novel by an author whose second novel I really liked) has a bunch of $5.95 copies at the Strand if you're in the market, when the time comes. 

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