09 January 2010

NYC: A bookstore that delivers

I can't decide if this is genius or the act of dirty enablers: If you order a book from McNally Jackson in SoHo by 3PM and it's in stock, and you happen to live in the neighborhood, they will bring it by on a bike before 5.

Now granted, Barnes and Noble already offers this, and Amazon's trying to, but I bet the McNally J. delivery person is much more charming -- I'm seeing a trailing scarf and one of those baskets with plastic flowers on the front -- and probably won't just stick the door tag on and leave without ringing the bell, FEDEX. Too bad I'm not in the neighborhood!

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Wade Garrett said...

Oh, it would be wonderful if that was the case. I can see how, over the years, if profit margins for brick-and-mortar bookstores continue to decline, the scarf-wearing and flower-pedaling deliveryman will be replaced by a part-time Baruch College student who in turn will be replaced by a former Chinese food deliveryman.