26 August 2009

Harper Perennial's newest Olive Editions, out November 3

Wry in-joke about the totemic images of chick lit and the struggle to escape those trailing associations, or lazypants joke inappropriate for the first female author in a series carrying a certain amount of hipster prestige? You decide!

Check out the others (with which I really have no argument) below:

Cute, and definitely aligns with the subject matter.

A terrific in-joke if you've read it, and still rather striking if you haven't.

Images via HarperCollinscatalog.com


Wade Garrett said...

Those editions are beautiful! HarperCollins is the best.

8yearoldsdude said...

where is the mute on the trumpet? WHERE? that's lazypants.

Ellen said...

Ooh, good catch, 8.