03 January 2009

Unbookening 11: One Month Left

Mooched 1 book
Got 14 from the library
Got 7 to review
Bought 2 books (for myself, I didn't count books for someone else)
Got 8 for Christmas
Got 3 books otherwise
35 books in

Gave away 9 books on BookMooch
Returned 16 books to the library
Left 3 at home
Gave away 2
30 books out

Well, it could've been worse. (Sorry, I am writing this back in New York after almost 2 weeks and I feel completely unmoored from life. I'm all, "Who bought all these delightful volumes? Ah, it was me last year.")

Between February and December 2008 I took in 62 books. Add January to that (before the Unbookening properly began) and the number goes up to 76. Not much un going on there. But even if I can't get down to 0 in another month, I still think it's been a worthwhile project, which I will continue into 2009, if only with a few quick figures at the end of each month. Let's face it, my space and time are not limitless, and given that I have books coming in every month, I either need to make room or give them a better home.

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