16 January 2009

Club sandwiches, not seals

When I'm not too engrossed in what I'm reading I like to check out what people around me are reading. Just in the last two days I've seen AMERICAN WIFE and THE VIRTUE OF SELFISHNESS represented, plus a Philippa Gregory book I've never heard of called WIDEACRE (how does this woman do it?!) and the book club fave from a couple years back, LIFE OF PI.

Today I blinked a few times while scanning a title from halfway down the subway car. I could tell the book was signed and the cover photo had a man on a snowbank on it. But did it really say... KEEP CLUBBING? As in discotheques? Or... baby seals?!

No, of course not, it was KEEP CLIMBING, by a cancer survivor who climbed Everest. See, if everyone gets a Kindle I won't be able to snoop on them. How dreary will that be.

My latest subway reads, for full disclosure: LOOKING FOR ALASKA and a book that has been blowing up my Goodreads friend updates, JESSICA Z. Thank goodness I finished AMERICAN PSYCHO; I can't tell you how many kids would be looking at it and start to sound out the title, and then I would have to cover it up for fear their tender minds would be warped.

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