01 February 2008

The Great Unbookening Begins

In January I got 13 books to review, mooched 18 books on BookMooch and checked 12 books out of the library. Even though I didn't buy any books and I made a concerted effort to give away the books I didn't want, I ended the month with 13 more books than I had in my possession on January 1st. Thirteen books, that doesn't sound so bad... but over a year, that's a whole new shelf -- and despite my apartment's decor concept of "library away from library," I really don't have room for another bookshelf.

So meet... the Great Unbookening! (Hey, I said it was coming.)

Rules for the Great Unbookening
1. No buying books.
2. One mooch allowed per 8 books given away, after the deficit of 13 is righted.
3. Books needed for reviews and other reasons (other books by writers under review and so on) are exempt from these rules... within reason. (I.e., I'm reviewing a second novel, so I'll try and check out the first.)
4. Yes, I can still ask for books for my birthday. Come on, I'm only human, people.
5. Try to read two Modern Library books a month.

Now, I know I already have 6 BookMooch requests and one library book on their way, so I will have to be proactive about this. The first thing I'm going to do is finish the library books I have out and the two books from the From the Stacks challenge I had started (740 PARK and FREDDY AND FREDERICKA). Then I'll read the three books I mentioned in Tuesday's entry. After that, who knows? But I know I'm going to clear some major shelf space.

I don't anticipate this becoming a major theme on this blog, but I will report at the end of each month how many books I gave away and checked out and so on. And I still will gladly take book recommendations, even if I don't run out and find them right away.

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