04 January 2009

Anytime, anywhere

I wish I couldn't identify with Michelle Slatalla's Times column "I Wish I Could Read Like A Girl," in which the author laments her inability to get into books like her daughters do.* But of course I could. My reading has definitely changed since I had unlimited time to lay around and drown the world out (and not just because now I have e-mail), although I would chalk it up to a time-management issue rather than the imposition of Adult Cares in my life.

Maybe that's why I get so much reading done on airplanes. On my flight back to New York yesterday I powered through over 200 pages of a book I'd been struggling to get into on the ground. (The middle-aged man across the aisle from me reading TWILIGHT probably did as many, but: HA.) Last year (oho!) I went on a test flight for an airline's new WiFi service in the air, and while I can report the service was excellent, I'm somewhat hesitant to abandon my old ways. I have the rest of my day to be hunched over my laptop -- being forced into unproductivity can be quite pleasant.

*Part of this is my hesitation to ID with anything called Wife/Mother/Worker/Spy. Clearly I am only two of these things.

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ap said...

"She comes to the dinner table wearing the hollow-eyed, devotional expression of someone who has just glimpsed something wonderful in a distant land."

I miss those days.