30 April 2008

New Goodreads feature: Ranking your to-read list

I subscribe to the Goodreads blog feed but I haven't tried out a lot of their new features. I thought their "top friends" feature, launched around April 1, was a prank, and when it became clear it wasn't I still hesitated to choose my most valuable Goodreads friends. But my interest was piqued when I saw that you can now rank the books on your to-read shelf, just like a Netflix queue for books. Of course, no one can stop you from reading your #4 to-be-read book before your #1, but the list is there to remind you.

It's funny that they would do this now because I've been keeping a to-read list on paper for the past few weeks. At some point I found myself with way too many books to read (don't we all?), so I wrote down all the books, and when I wanted to read them by if they had deadlines attached. (Book club books, library returns, that kind of thing.) It was very satisfying to go back and cross items off the list, something I guess Goodreads can't replicate online. Still, well done, guys.

Here's my to-read list this week. (Note: I only reranked the first 12 or so books on the list, because no way am I going to read even half that many books this week!) In case you have an extra-long to-read list like me, you can scroll down to the bottom and choose to view more than 20 books per page. Then they can all be edited by order.

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Jess said...

Wow, cool feature! Perhaps I will use it. Although more likely not.