03 April 2008

Unbookening Month 2: Electric Giveaway Boogaloo

The Second Month of the Great Unbookening
9 books mooched
7 books checked out of the library
7 books received for review
Bought 2 books (BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE and an April book club book, Miranda July's NO ONE BELONGS HERE MORE THAN YOU)
Was given 6 books -- remember, it was my birthday!
= 32 books in.

3 books given away on BookMooch
17 books returned to the library
Sold 2 books on Amazon
Gave one book to a friend
= 23 books out.

Total: Took in 9 more books than I gave away. Not as good as last month.

Well, birthdays only come once a year, and I refuse to feel bad for the excellent books I was given for that. My one problem is, I'm still mooching too much. I moved almost all of my books on my BookMooch wishlist (where they e-mail you whenever someone puts up a copy) to my save-for-later list (where they don't), but every so often I get that itchy trigger finger...

Anyway, I can see that I have a few books I mooched in March that I haven't received yet, so they'll go into next month's totals. Hopefully there won't be any more than that. I could put my account on vacation, but then I wouldn't be able to give any books away, and that's part of the fun! Besides, my bookshelves aren't getting any bigger.

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