01 April 2008

Change of blogging plans

I think I've gotten away from the purpose of this site recently. I picked the name of this blog because it united two of my favorite things, but I always find myself writing about one and not the other. That's why I'm changing the format of this blog a little to make sure I regularly cover my favorite worm books -- like these:
  • Gary Larson, THERE'S A HAIR IN MY DIRT! This neat picture book from the "Far Side" artist actually has a fair amount of science in it, as well as the illustrations we all know and love. It's hard being a worm, but their place in the ecosystem is undeniable.
  • Thomas Rockwell, HOW TO EAT FRIED WORMS. This novel about a kid trying to win a bike by taking a nasty bet didn't convince me to eat worms, but maybe when I get to next week's post, about worm cooking, I will be more inclined!
  • Carlo Ginzburg, THE CHEESE AND THE WORMS: THE COSMOS OF A SIXTEENTH-CENTURY MILLER. I was originally exposed to this book, which explores the testimony of a miller interviewed by the Inquisition about his beliefs, in a European history class In terms of gathering information about worms, this isn't your best option, but it is a fascinating look at concepts of religion as seen in the Middle Ages.
If you've read this far, I'm dreadfully sorry, you have been April Fooled. (I have read all those books, though.) The real story behind my name is on the top of the right-hand column, just like always. Later this week, there will be no more posts about worms, but come by to find out what a TV villain reads, the damage done of the second month of the Great Unbookening, and my experience "checking out" an e-book.

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Jess said...

Oooo this post was gross. I'm glad it was just a joke... but I still had to read about worms!

Elizabeth said...

But I was so looking forward to reading your post on worm cooking.