03 January 2008

Happy new year?

Despite the hype, it seems like New Year's Day kind of snuck up on me this year. I was traveling off the day planner (which for me is the equivalent of "off the grid" -- I am permanently attached to my planner, for better or for worse) and, oh presto, my wall calendar is finished!

I still haven't unpacked yet, but I thought I'd drop in and report that I kept not a single one of the reading resolutions I made for 2007. I have more books, I only read two (I think?) books off the Modern Library list, and as you see, I have no blogroll. I think they were all good ideas, though, and elements of those will feature in 2008's Reading Resolutions. (I can just make them any time I want, right? Doesn't have to be the first.) So stay tuned for those, as well as some stats on the books I read in 2007 and (if anyone wants it) the mostly-complete list of titles. For now, I need to recaffeinate and unearth my suitcase.

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