08 January 2008

2007 Reading By The Numbers

Books I read in 2007: 151.
That's 12.58 books per month on average, or .41 books per day.
My running average since 2001 is about 104 books per year; this has been

Of those books, 42 were for reviews and 109 were for fun.
Of those, 49 were nonfiction and 102 were fiction. (Of the review books alone, 8 were nonfiction and 34 were fiction.)
Of those, two were self-help books (SHOULD I DO WHAT I LOVE? and THE FOUR-HOUR WORK WEEK).

I read 87 books from January to June and 64 from July to December.
Best month for reading: March, 18 books (followed by February and April, with 17 each). My theory for this: I was the most broke during those three months, the months immediately following my move to New York City, and library books are free! Or very cheap if you return them late.
Worst month for reading: October, 7 books. No idea.

72 of the books I read were library books -- I love the New York Public Library!
At the end of 2007 I had 8 books checked out of the library. Right now I have 11, plus 2 DVDs... I'm aiming to keep these to 5, for reasons I'll explain in a future post.

I lost track of how many books I bought in 2007 (shame!), but I read 5 books that I purchased in '07.
On the other hand, I read 16 books that I mooched on Bookmooch this year, out of 50 mooches.
While I was mooching those, though, I also gave away 51 books. Not shabby!

Books I had to look up because I couldn't remember whether they were fiction or nonfiction, or anything about them really: 1; Margaret Atwood, MORAL DISORDER. Guess that won't make tomorrow's list of my favorite books of the year. Stay tuned...

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Chelsea Talks Smack said...

O! I'm excited for the list, I'm always trying ot read something new...especially if its something no one has heard of hah.