15 January 2008

Reading Goals for 2008

1. Read two books from the Modern Library list every month. I'm more than halfway there! All I need is to keep going.

2. Read, or give away, as many of the books I own and haven't read as possible. In 2007 I looked at my empty shelves and, well, got a little greedy with all the Bookmooching and used-book shopping. I would say the most unread books I should have at one time is 20. The way I'll do this is by cutting back on my library borrowing and book shopping. I'll still get review copies in regularly, but I would rather abide by the principle of one in, two out. I'm going to start on this in earnest on February 1st, and will refer to it as The Great Un-Bookening of 2008.

3. Seek out more non-memoir nonfiction. I love memoirs, but I don't read enough regular nonfiction.

4. Continue writing as many reviews as possible. I wrote my first paid book review in 2003, and the more I do it, the better I get (I think).

5. Continue updating the blog regularly, of course!

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