09 January 2007

My 2007 Reading Resolutions

Okay, so we've talked about what I read, what I didn't read, and what I really should have read before '07. Now, my reading resolutions, and a few blogging resolutions:

1. I will not buy any books for myself before I move. This one's pretty easy. I have a ton of unread books in my apartment; the more I buy, the more I have to truck with me at the end of the month. Plus, one of my other real-life resolutions is to save more money.
2. I will give away more books than I take in. I've been getting better at culling my shelves, and I want to keep it up. On Saturday I passed two books off to a friend who asked for recommendations.
3. I will pick up on the Modern Library list again and read 10 more books off it this year. I had such big plans! But I got discouraged and stopped tackling the list because I was too tempted to read other things, so I've shrunk it down to size. Ten books will put me at half-read. Ten books I can do, especially when I'm getting one of them in e-mail every day from Dailylit. If I read more, why, great!
4. I will give more credit where credit is due, by linking to my fellow litbloggers and creating a blogroll. I read a fair amount of great reading Weblogs, but I hardly ever comment or link back. This makes me a bad blogger (or at least one who isn't using the communal Web to its fullest).
5. I will get on a regular posting schedule.
I hardly posted here at all until this fall, and now some days I post a lot. I'm not sure what I'm aiming for; I have to think about it a while longer.

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