05 January 2007

New Year, Old Shelf

I am embarrassed to admit that of all the year-end "to-dos," finishing up books I started in '06 somehow fell by the wayside. (Along with half of my holiday cards. Sorry, everyone I know!) Here are the books I'm carrying into the new year, along with the approximate month I got them. What a procrastinator am I.

It was so good, what's wrong with me?
(September) Francine du Plessix Gray, THEM

Critical picks
(October) Leslie Epstein, THE EIGHTH WONDER OF THE WORLD
(December) Barbara Ehrenreich, DANCING IN THE STREETS

Borrowed from friends
(October) Anthony Lane, NOBODY'S PERFECT: WRITINGS FROM THE NEW YORKER (from my friend Brian Orloff -- sorry, Brian! I didn't forget!)
(Oct.) Pauls Toutonghi, RED WEATHER (from my dad)
(November) Katharine Weber, TRIANGLE (from mom)
(Nov.) David von Drehle, TRIANGLE (from mom as well, only nonfiction)

The library books
(Dec.) Carol Shields, LARRY'S PARTY (which became my first book of 2007)
(Dec.) Melanie Rehak, GIRL SLEUTH

From the Stacks Challenge
(May) Ben Yagoda, ABOUT TOWN (I had read about 2 chapters and then put it down until the challenge)

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Carl V. said...

Is that all you're carrying into the New Year? If so then you've done well! ;)