28 November 2013

Grateful feels good

This year I am continually thankful for the power of books to take me out of myself

This year has held some low moments for me and times when the desire to shrink away from the all of rotten existence was very strong. Just like when I was 13, books gave me a free (or very cheap) escape hatch from all that, the kind of portal that seems to go on forever and then suddenly shoots you back altered. Sometimes when I felt too depressed even to write, I would read and float on that current of words for eternities. I remembered anew that I was more than the place I lived and the job I did and the people I spoke to every day.

The Internet is all about do and don't just read this blog post, get out there and make a change! But hopefully if you're reading this today, you know that sometimes contemplation is the most important first step you can take toward anything. When you're reaching up toward the sunlight, it's helpful to know where the sun is first.


Anonymous said...

"We read to know that we are not alone."

just a quote - no worries.

Now what about this Salinger leak? What's your take?

Ellen said...

I haven't had time to find them yet but one of my friends who is a Salinger-head says one of the stories is particularly fine.

As far as the leak, I think it was inevitable. What will be interesting is to see who did it, but I assume they had been passed around in book publishing and someone liberated them from there. The free traffic of books and galleys among people in publishing tends to flout embargoes and rules.

Christina Emmons said...

This was encouraging to me today. I'm thankful for all those writers who showed me where to find the sun.