29 November 2013

Six great reasons to participate in Buy Nothing Day

Some may call it Black Friday, but Adbusters deemed the day after Thanksgiving "Buy Nothing Day" in response to the ever more rampant consumerization of this not-exactly-Hallmarkworthy occasion. It's one of the easiest days out there to mark: Enjoy what you have, cook at your house, entertain yourself for free. My own adherence to Buy Nothing Day has waxed and waned through the years, but this year I'm arming myself with these points:
  1. I have everything I need. I want for nothing. What do I have to have that won't wait for a day? 
  2. I can do my gift shopping throughout December, I don't have to do it all now. What's my hurry? (Hanukkah celebrants, this may not be as applicable.)
  3. My whole family (plus uncle and grandma) are together and none of us are at work today. Since we're now scattered across 4 states and the District of Columbia, this rarely happens; I'd rather spend the time connecting with them, as cheesy as that sounds, than thinking about them while bonding with my credit card. 
  4. Nearly half of Black Friday shoppers are out shopping for themselves. So much for the spirit of giving. I'm giving my present-buying family and friends a break by letting them give me something special, that they picked out just for me, not something I just bought for myself. 
  5. In most of the country the weather is terrible and the crowds are atrocious. Baby, it's cold outside, I have the day off and jockeying for a parking space at a mall is not going to be relaxing. It may not even be that safe if we get the kind of blizzards we got 3 years ago (Idaho, hurrah). 
  6. Let's be honest, Thanksgiving retail creep is already deplorable and getting worse. Even vowing not to cross the Turkey Day line invites retailers to call in their staff on what, regardless of its origins, could be a national day of togetherness and celebration now being moth-eaten by the desire to buy more stuff. What if we all voted with our dollars and indicated that this was not okay? What would it cost me to not shop? 

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