26 November 2013

Dad is glad: My wholly unnecessary complaints about Jim Gaffigan's DAD IS FAT

I really liked this book and sometimes when I read things, I find myself whining instead of making concrete points. This book is great, I was thoroughly absorbed -- and now I'm going to make you all forget it with this list of grievances:

  • I really wish I had tried to check out an audio version of this book rather than consuming it in print, because while Jim Gaffigan is funny on paper he is even more terrific with the full power of his voice. I've seen him onstage three times and his physical presence, his voice and gesture and look, come through very clearly in this book. Yet I still want an audiobook to do part of that work for me.
  • I went to see Gaffigan and his wife Jeannie (a major character in this book) speak about DAD IS FAT in May, which is where I learned that Jeannie cowrites and produces all of her husband's work. This is fascinating to me (maybe more so than the chicken-fox-sack-of-grain diagrams illustrating how the Gaffigans put all their kids to bed in a 2-bedroom apartment). I would love to know more about how that relationship works. 
  • In the same vein, while I respect that DAD IS FAT is a book largely about parenting, I grew more and more curious about young, free Jimmy Gaffigan before he became (one of) the world's greatest dad(s). Sequel potential?
  • Finally, why isn't it longer? When I forcibly take over the publishing industry I am going to force all your favorite comedians to put their noses to the grindstone and spin out at least 300 pages. No more 180-page cheaters. 
Please go back and re-read the first paragraph of this post. Thank you. 

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