23 September 2013

You heard it here first like the Dickens

Today I attended a talk by Ben Huh, CEO of Cheezburger Inc. (center of the universe of cat macros). He's a big Marshall McLuhan fan, which kind of makes sense! Anyway, he says serialized novels are one of the next big things because e-reading makes it absurdly easy to get installments of a story, within one story or a series of books. I'm just putting this here so if it becomes true, we will all know it happened and look like geniuses.


Marjorie said...

E-readers make serialization easy, but they make buying whole books easy too--why choose to serialize? Would authors or publishers start charging readers by the installment?

Ellen said...

Yes, I think that's the idea -- the joint where reading behavior and the desire for readers to pay more for the same amount of text meet. So I really want to read any book Margaret Atwood comes out with, and would I pay more to get the book in installments online earlier than it comes out in print? I definitely would.