09 September 2013

Money for nothin', etc.

Two new translations of ANNA KARENINA are coming next year. Is it because publishers want to bring to millions the joy of Tolstoy? Nope, it's because translations of out-of-copyright classics are safe and cheap investments, says the Wall Street Journal inevitably. (This is complicating the plans I just made to write a book called THE JOY OF TOLSTOY.) THE ILIAD and THE ODYSSEY are also getting new translations very soon, for you epic fans out there. 

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D.H. Sayer said...

As László Krasznahorkai said in a recent interview: "The translated work is the work of the translator, not the author." That's why I'm sticking with the award-winning Team Pevear and Volokhonsky for my Russian translations. (Though I must admit that Rosamund Bartlett is saying all the right things to justify a new translation of KARENINA.)