10 September 2013

Filmbook-to-Be: "The Fault In Our Stars" Not As Good As The Movie In Our Heads, Say Teenagers

This week in the A.V. Club I learned that there is a kerfuffle about the casting of the seemingly nice young man on the left, Ansel Elgort, in the upcoming adaptation of THE FAULT IN OUR STARS. People don't like Ansel Elgort because he is not well known enough, although he's going to be in the upcoming "Carrie" remake (gah!). I presume Justin Bieber had scheduling conflicts. This is additionally weird because Ansel Elgort (who will only be referred to by his full name here, because it's terrific) was actually cast back in May, but only now that the movie has started shooting, people have cottoned onto the fact that the character of Augustus will not be portrayed interchangeably by the 5 members of One Direction, or whatever.

People, please stop writing in to author John Green to complain about this. Though Green had some involvement in casting (unlike most authors), it's done, sorry you were not consulted. The book is going to be better anyway. I bet John Green thinks so (though he is likely contractually prohibited from saying it.)

Then again, if casting weren't announced in advance, what else would the Internet have to complain about?

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