03 September 2013

Unbookening July-August

Bought 15 books
Received 5 to review and 1 as a gift
21 in

Donated 10
Gave 4 to family members
14 out 

Not included in these totals: All the library books I have been digitally checking out and returning this summer. Without access to my local, I was given the push to finally sort out e-lending for the NY Public Library and have been gleefully reserving and checking out Kindle books ever since. It's a dangerous game, but the selection is quite good -- even better, they return themselves! Now, I've arbitrarily decided to start counting them, so look forward to that (or not) coming up soon.

Speaking of arbitrary decisions, I'm calling an audible and extending my summer reading project till the autumnal equinox. Why? Because I still want to read those books, and no one is authorized to stop me. Stay tuned in the next few weeks to read about some of the books I've finished so far. I don't want to say life is settling down, because then I'll probably get shot out of a cannon, but at least it's gotten calmer.

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